Het eiland van Doen en Laten

Het eiland van Doen & Laten

June 2, 2011

This park island is made for the design competition “Rijnhaven Parkeiland Ontwerp Wedstrijd”.  The municipality of Rotterdam is looking for new functions for their old harbors. One of the possibilities is to make floating islands with parks.

The island is called: “Het eiland van Doen & Laten. Een park waar je kan inspannen en ontspannen, creëren en recreëren.” (The island of Action and Reaction. A park where you can be active and relax, create and recreate). One of the key characteristics of the park is the interaction with other people in the park, but also with the elements of the park itself.

“Het eiland van Doen en Laten” won the first prize of the design competition Rijnhaven park.

Team: Anne Jansen, Paco Busser, Simone Hoogendoorn

> Location of the park islands: Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


> The walls placed in she shape of a water rippling can be moved by the visitors of the park


> By moving the walls the visitors can create their own space


> Texts on the walls form new sentences when they are moved against another wall