Windmill India

February 5, 2012

This project is about a windmill which pumps up saline water for salt farmers in North-West India. The windmill replaces a manual operated cantilever or diesel engine and therefore saves a lot of drudgery and money. The project was initiated by the grassroots innovation organisation GIAN, Ahmedabad, India.

The aim of the project was to make the windmill usable again, because the salt-farmers did not use the windmill despite the good efficiency. During the field research was discovered that usability issues, social reasons and financial aspects were the main reasons for not using the windmill.

Through innovations on the technical side of the windmill, like an automatic and manual breaking system, the usability of the windmill increased enormously. The innovations were immediately adapted by the producer, so could be tested right away.

Moreover a fair-trade salt brand is set up in India to support the farmers and finance the windmill.

Team: Casper van de Meer, Juan David Martin, Nick van der Velde


> Introduction movie of the project


> The original windmill


> The redesigned windmill in the salt fields


> The fair-trade salt brand


persona bauchan
> One of the persona’s of the users of the windmill


> Video-summary of the project